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The Environment Exchange - Delivered RP Market - Demonstration Site

Welcome to the Delivered RP Market demonstration site. The demonstration site replicates the online facilities available to participants and thus allows you to see the quantity, quality and variety of information they can see as well as explore trading.

Using the demo site you can trial the t2e interactive trading facility, which allows you to enter, modify and delete your bids and offers on-line in a totally safe and anonymous environment confident that there will be no unintended consequences of your using the site. You will be able to follow a trade from order to transaction and see your Order and Transaction Confirmation Notices as well as access full Settlement information.

How do I log on?
Please select at random one of the usernames and passwords below so that you can enter bids or offers. Remember this username and password as you will be asked for it again when you wish to carry out any activity interactively.
If you wish to enter as a different user you will have to log off and enter different details.
In the live system you will receive confirmation of your on-line actions (bids, offers, transactions, cancellations) by email/fax. In this demo site, however, you will only see confirmations on-line, after the confirmation stage and in the "My Trade History" section.

Username Password Details
DemoUser DemoPass Selling location in Grangemouth Port
DemoUser2 DemoPass2 Selling location in Southampton
DemoUser3 DemoPass3 Selling location in Glasgow
DemoUser4 DemoPass4 Selling location in Tonbridge
DemoUser5 DemoPass5 Selling location in Birmingham
DemoUser6 DemoPass6 Selling location in London

Please note that all prices and volumes used on this site are fictional and are not intended to reflect any real bids or offers elsewhere.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch at or call 0131 473 2330